Microcomputer Pioneers Links

Wayne Green published 80 Micro & other magazines
Ira Goldklang's TRS-80 site very extensive, with stories
TRS-80 emulator site software downloads
The LDOS Revival page from Frank Durda - fabulous history of Logical Systems & Tandy
David Lien's Compusoft site David Lien was the author of that wonderful TRS-80 Model I manual
Adventure Games -info about Scott Adams - timeline for game development
Scott Adams web page, with a new Adventure game!
Vintage Computer Festival
Don Lancaster's page Lancaster invented the "TV typewriter"
Robert Doerr's robot web site
Fire in the Valley web site for a great book on computer history
World Power Systems scam retro site has scans of ads from Byte
Stan Veit's computer history page
Dan Bricklin's VisiCalc site
Van Natta's Radio Shack page
old-computers.com TRS-80 page
Dick Miller page operated Miller Microcomputing
German TRS-80 page
The Trailing Edge page TRS-80 and other old computers
Don Edrington's Home Page TRS-80 buff
computer history online
Matthew Reed's TRS-80 emulator site
DigiBarn pictures from the museum
Tim Mann's TRS-80 pages
Kevin Heydon's old computer collection
Retrotechnology.com Herb Johnson's website for S100 microcomputers
LNW-80 page (TRS-80 clone)
A tribute to the Model I manual
Classic Computing
8-Bit Micro old computer info from Brian K Hahn
www.textfiles.com Jason Scott's huge archive of old BBS files
Jeff Hellinge's Classic Computer Haven TRS-80 and other classics
Old Computer Museum
Obsolete Computer Museum

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